CHAS, Safe Contractor, Achilles, Acclaim and many more accreditation bodies are registered under the SSIP to certify the competence of design consultants and contractors. In fact, there are over 50 approved accreditation bodies.

These accreditations demonstrate your company’s commitment to Health and Safety, and that you meet the minimum standards required by CDM Regulations 2015.

Developers, clients, government departments, public bodies, large contractors and many others who procure design and construction utilise these accreditation services when making selections for service delivery on their projects.

What Is SSIP?

Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) is not an assessment scheme, it is a membership or umbrella body for assessment schemes with the common aim of reducing both duplication and costs for both buyers and suppliers. Contractors do not join or become members of SSIP. It is the assessment schemes such as CHAS, Constructionline, Safecontractor, SMAS who are registered members of SSIP.

The SSIP Aims

  • To reduce duplication bureaucracy by cutting down on unnecessary paperwork and bureaucracy at Stage 1 (Pre qualification) procurement.
  • To improve health and safety compliance by promoting a single standard of health and safety assessment at Stage 1, that clients can rely on.

How Does Having an Accreditation from One of The SSIP Members Help Your Business?

  • SSIP is a name that you can trust their members are strictly vetted having an accreditation demonstrates your commitment to health and safety
  • By becoming health & safety assessed with an SSIP scheme, you have satisfied the criteria for all other SSIP members’ schemes – meaning you can save money on having multiple accreditations
  • The scheme saves millions of pounds a year for both buyers and suppliers
  • It improves your professional image and allows you to win work that you otherwise wouldn’t be able too
  • How Can Telford Safety Consultants Help?

The application process can seem quite daunting and is often a lengthy process but do not worry, our expert consultants are here to help and can take away the burden of preparing a first application or renewal. We will assist you in process and collating of the information and evidence. Where any gaps are identified we will help you to fill them.

All members require very specific documents and training that you may not already have in place. We will identify these gaps and provide you with support and guidance in ensuring that you’re deemed compliant and remain so in accordance with the accreditation body.

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