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Telford Safety Consultants appreciates that the CDM Regulations 2015 and Health and Safety Legislation can be a burden to small and medium-sized contractors.

Such organisations rarely have the resource to employ internal Health and Safety professionals, meaning the burden is applied to those managing the organisation or supervising construction activities.

Our aim in this department is to reduce that burden by providing compliant Contractor CDM Support, which enables contractors to make Health and Safety a simple process and gives them the ability to concentrate their efforts in providing quality and cost-effective solutions in their chosen field. Whether you are a “contractor” or acting as “Principal Contractor”, Telford Safety Consultants are here to help you!

Every contractor organisation is different, has differing health and safety needs and Safer Sphere have therefore developed three service delivery levels to which a contractor may wish to subscribe. If the packages do not suit your particular needs, then Telford Safety Consultants can develop a bespoke subscription to suit your requirements, with additional ad-hoc services available when you need them.

Commissioning Telford Safety Consultants to provide CDM Adviser / consultancy support can give substantial benefits to your construction projects and businesses, including:

  • The peace of mind that your organisation’s construction H&S needs are in the hands of highly competent professionals.
  • Bureaucracy and time-consuming paper exercises are replaced with simple and effective systems bringing compliance and value.


  • Your organisation can focus more of their efforts on their primary service delivery knowing that your CDM and H&S needs are being managed compliantly.
  • Organisations can demonstrate best practice compliance with the CDM Regulations and H&S Legislation, giving them the upper hand against their competitors.
  • Negates the need for organisations to employ in-house H&S Professionals where there is insufficient demand in the business for the role.
  • The perception of the organisation by employees and clients is enhanced, and a reputation of the business with regards to H&S is founded.
  • Fewer accidents, incidents and ill-health associated with the delivery of design, construction and maintenance of buildings and structures

The Right Advice

Telford Safety Consultants Ltd, can act as your Construction Competent Advisor and advise the ‘Project Team’ on their responsibilities placed on them as duty holders, whether you are a developer, principal designer, design team, client or contractor, we have a CDM advisory package to suit. We’re ready to work with you and your team to ensure that from day one you’re ready to meet your duties under CDM 2015.

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